Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Two Cutest Girls in the World!

For my birthday Dan got me a new camera. I am really getting into the digital scrap booking thing and of course love putting our pictures up for all of you on our blog. I am still trying to play around with how to work all of the settings on the camera but I did take the girls outside last week and got some really cute pictures of them. Makenna didn't want to cooperate for an alone picture but I think that the picture of the two of them together is priceless. Don't we have the cutest little girls you have ever seen?! Well, at least we think so :-)

I had a wonderful birthday last Monday. I got to spend it with my beautiful family and that was the best part! We went out to dinner at PF Changs, which I have never been to, and it was wonderful. Afterwards we came back home and Dan got me a very yummy birthday cake- this was definitely Kaylee's favorite part of the day. She is our little sweets and candies queen!

Some Great Deals!

Last Saturday we decided to go to one of the Flea Markets in the area. They don't really have things like this in Utah so we were excited to go to one of these open markets to see what we could find. The one we went to was called Capital Flea Market and it was huge! They put it on every Saturday in this big parking lot. I couldn't believe the stuff they had there and the deals we found! You all know in my family we love to find a good sale! We had so much fun walking around and looking at all the little booths. They had some really fun stuff to look at and some delicious fresh fruit and vegetables! We are going to get spoiled here with all the wonderful produce!

Of course we found some great buys at the flea market. The big hit of the day was Kaylee's new bike! $26 - What a steal!!! She was so excited she rode it all over the market and has been riding it every day since on the back patio.

Our other big find of the day was a booth that had used Disney movies. I am trying to collect as many of the Disney movies as I can because Kaylee loves them. It is very difficult because of the whole Disney vault thing so I was ecstatic to find this booth. We ended up with 15 movies for a total of $22 - again what a steal right? We found some of the ones that I love the most and some classics I don't even think they make any more. Kaylee will be busy for the next month trying to watch all her new shows!

Kaylee got a bag for all of the traveling back and forth to Utah we will be doing :-) It is adorable with little red cherries on it and it is just the right size for all of Kaylee's stuff. Kaylee also got some adorable pink boots. It won't be snowing in California but they were just too darn cute to pass up!

For those of you that haven't heard Dan got a new church calling last week as the assistant scout master! He never got to do scouts growing up in Oregon so he is excited that he is going to get the opportunity now. They will have a camp out every month and so we found this great big duffle bag that he can take with him on all of his camps. I am sure that the boys will absolutely love Dan and Dan will love getting to be a kid all over again!

Kaylee got a haircut this week and has wanted to show it off to everybody! She thinks she looks so cute and loves her new haircut. The best part is, guess who did it? Her mom! Yes, I have been cutting Dan's hair for quite a while now and thought I would try out Kaylee's. I was pretty proud of how it turned out!

I also had to show off one more project I was proud of this week. We finally got our first pictures hung on the wall. It took about three days of arranging and re-arranging on the floor but we finally got an arrangement of all of our family pictures over the years that we love. It took Dan quite a while to get them all straitly measured out and hung but we love our picture wall and all of the memories that it brings!

A Day at the Beach

We have now been living in Morgan Hill for almost a month. We have been busy getting all of our stuff organized and our house put together but we have also had some time to get out and do some fun things in our new home town. A few weeks ago we all hopped in the car and drove to the coast. We drove to a little town named Carmel and it was so much fun. They have a really nice beach there as well as lots of cute little shops and a wonderful sea food restaurant that we found. Kaylee was so excited to go to the beach and she had a blast while we were there!

Kaylee's favorite part about the beach was running from the waves. She would walk into the water with Dan and then when the tide started to come in she would scream and start running so the water didn't catch her! She was a little scared of the rushing water at first but after a few tries she thought that the water chasing her was just about the coolest thing in the world!

We all had such a fun time in Carmel. It was really awesome to be able to spend some time with just our little family and to start creating some wonderful memories in our new home. It again reminds us how blessed we are and how grateful we are for our little Kaylee. She has such a cute little personality and she brings so much joy to everyone around her. Everyone probably thinks they have the most wonderful children in the world but Kaylee is truly a very special little spirit. How did we get so lucky?

Makenna slept through most of the trip but I am sure she was enjoying being snuggled up to her daddy in the sling!

On our last venture into the water Kaylee and mommy saw a big wave coming in. We didn't really notice how big it was until it was a little too late! We started running towards the beach but it was to late and it pushed into us and knocked us into the water. Kaylee got soaked! She was a little upset at first but then she thought it was funny and talked about it all the way home. She now asks everyday when we can go back to the beach!