Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The month of December started off with Kaylee's dance recital! Kaylee LOVES her dance class and was so excited to be able to do her dance up on the big stage!
Kaylee has been in a class with her cousins Ian and Emily. She loves seeing them every week at class and it has been so fun seeing them all dance together!
Here Kaylee is at dance class a few weeks before her show. It was costume check so they let the parents come in and watch the class. We got a copy of her dance so she could practice at home. She probably did her dance 10 times every day she was so excited. The cute thing was she did it so much for us that Makenna started to pick it up to and join in on parts. I will have to post a video of that too- it was so cute to see Makenna mimicking some of Kaylee's movements. She sure looks up to her big sis!

Shuffle step! Shuffle hop!

Kaylee was so excited for her show! She loves getting ready, putting on her costume, doing her hair and makeup, and of course spraying on all the glitter possible! She felt so beautiful and she was! She made sure we knew days in advance that we should not forget to bring her flowers:-) Daddy made sure she had a pretty bouquet of pink flowers waiting for her after the show! She did so awesome and of course was the cutest one up there:-)

The three little dancers- Ian, Emily, and Kaylee!

Kaylee with her very proud mommy and daddy!

Here is Kaylee's performance of "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas"!!! (She is the second one in on the front row!)


November is always a special month because it is Kaylee's Birthday!! She was very excited this year to be 5 years old! It is so amazing that she is already five!!! She has grown into such a sweet little girl with quite a personality. She loves to be the center of attention- she will sing and dance for you at the drop of a hat. She loves to draw and color and Nana is teaching her to read. Her favorite books are the Dick and Jane series and she has a couple of those book she can read from cover to cover! Kaylee is very social and loves her preschool at Mrs. Bascom's. She is quite the social butterfly there and loves playing with her friends at school. She also loves to set up playdates with her school friends. Here favorite restaurant is Noodles and Company. She asks to go there all the time- I think it is the cool kids chopsticks they have there! She wanted to go there for her birthday but then realized they didn't sing "Happy Birthday" to you there so she changed her mind to Applebee's (here second favorite place-she loves to go visit daddy's UVSC running picture there!) Kaylee loves to watch her movies and to stay up as late as possible. Both our girls have turned out to be quite the night-owls. Kaylee also loves here little sister Makenna. She loves to take care of her and play with her. Kaylee is a very loving girl who enjoys surrounding herself with all the people she loves. We don't know how we were so blessed to get her as our little girl, but we are so thankful every day of these last five years that we get to share every day together with her in our family!

Here is our little birthday princess all ready to open all her presents! She had to wait all day until her party at Nana's that night, so by the time the party rolled around she was about ready to pop with excitement!!!

Kaylee wanted a Barbie party this year. But, not just any Barbie party- Barbie and the Three Muskateers party. She calls it Barbie and the three MOUSEKATEERS- so cute! She was so excited when she saw here cake with the Barbie Muskateers on it.

Kaylee and Makenna- our two little angels!

Our little family with our birthday princess.

Kaylee had quite the party with lots of guests! Nana and Papa, Aunt Nicole and Janessa, Grandma and Grandpa D, Aunt Tami, and Cousins Ian, Emily, and Zoey. Kaylee was in heaven to have so many people who love her there!

Here is Kaylee with all of her presents after the party. She got lots of Barbies and Barbie clothes! She got the Barbie Muskateers barbies she wanted along with the DVD to watch. Her favorite though was her huge Barbie dollhouse! Dan had quite the project the next morning to put together! The dollhouse is beautiful. It is made of wood so it hopefully last through Kaylee and Makenna. It has the cutest wood furniture, including a baby grand piano which I love! Kaylee an Makenna have been playing Barbies together so much since we put the dollhouse together. They absolutely love it an I hope to see many more years of Barbie playing going on with it!

Another favorite present- her own bean bag chair from Nana and Papa! She now has her own lounging spot to sit and watch movies. The only problem will be not having a matching one for Makenna!

Monday, December 28, 2009


For Halloween this year Kaylee decided she wanted to be a witch. Originally she told me that she wanted me to paint her all green! I eventually talked her into being a pretty witch. She wasn't quite convinced at first, but after she saw her glittery makeup she was sold! I also have to add that I am quite proud that I designed and made her costume and makeup all myself this year!

Here are our two cute girls! They are becoming such good friends!

Kenna's grumpy face. We see this a lot:-) You can't help but smile at it though!

Our two little witches all ready to go out trick-or-treating! Definitely the two cutest witches you ever did see!

I had to take a picture of our pumpkins. We did some carving from some of those patterns you buy and tape on to your pumpkin. They looked much easier on paper! Mine did not turn out too well, but Dan did an awesome job on his mummy! I found these lights to put in the pumpkins instead of candles. They were really neat as they changed colors!

Here is just a cute picture of Makenna before we put her costume on. She was just getting good at walking and just starting to say a few words (although of course she never wants to perform on cue!)


I know! I know! I have gotten many phone calls about how long it has been since I have updated our blog! Life gets busy and before I realized it it had been 6 months since an update. Then I was just so overwhelmed with all i would have to go up and update I just kept putting it off. So, I finally decided to simplify a little bit and so, sorry, we are going to skip over summer and skip straight to fall!

In September we went boating on Utah Lake with a friend in our ward. We have not been boating for probably three years or so so we had a great time out on the water. Kaylee thought it was so much fun and still talks about our adventure. She has also informed us since then that she would like a boat!

Makenna was not as excited about the boating or the water, but she did enjoy chillin' on her mommy and daddy's laps! Nice and safe- far away from the water!

Here are some pics of Dan doing some of his wake-boarding tricks. I was pretty impressed with his skills since we have not been in so long! He was really good at jumping the wake. I loved these classic motion shots!

Kaylee got our on the tube with Dan. She had a great time!

Even though she never got in the water Makenna was exhausted by the end of the trip:-)

Here is a quick video of Dan in action- there is also an awesome wipe out at the end!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Family Updates

We are definitely a little behind on all of our posting, but here are a few entries to get you all caught up on our last few months!

Kaylee is getting so big and is into so many "big kid" stuff lately. I can hardly believe how much she has grown up and matured just over the past few months! She loves the rain- mostly because she gets to wear her adorable rain coat with her matching umbrella. She always has her rain coat and umbrella with her just in case- even if it is 75 degrees and sunny outside :-)

In January when we got back to Utah Kaylee began going to pre-school three days a week. SHE LOVES IT! She goes to Mrs. Bascom's which is a cute little preschool in my mom's neighborhood. She asks everyday if it is a school day and is sorely dissapointed if it is not. She loves learning all her letter, numbers, and colors, all the art projects, playing outside at recess, having snack time, and of course socializing with all her friends. She is quite the social butterfly- I wonder where she gets that from?!! Here she is on her first day of school- so excited she can hardly stand it!

After school they all march out in a single file line- so cute. And on those special days once a month, Kaylee gets to be the V.I.P (Very Important Person) and wear a very special badge and be at the front of the line. She loves to be the special person!

Kaylee is learning lots of fun things at preschool. One of these is the Pledge of Allegiance. I just had to video it- it is so dang cute!

Another big milestone for Kaylee this spring was her very first dance recital! She was again so excited to dance on the big stage with all the big girls like Nessa and Colie. She has been asking for months when she gets to put on her blue costume and makeup and get up on the stage. She did so great and of course was the prettiest dancer there! Her mom was so proud!!

Oh yeah- her daddy was very proud too! He only could have been more proud if she was dancing with a golf club!

Kaylee has been watching Nicole and Janessa dance for many years. She couldn't wait to be dancers just like them. The day finally arrived and Kaylee couldn't be more proud. I think her aunts were proud to have her in their show too. They were showing off to all their friends how cute their little dancer niece was!

Kaylee got to be in dance this year again with her best friend and cousin Emily. They had so much fun together and it was so fun to see them dancing together!

For those of you who missed it here is Kaylee's first dance recital, performing to "Goodnight Sweetheart"! (Sorry it is a little blurry so hopefully you can tell which one Kaylee is- she is the first one out of the curtain!)

Just like her big sister Makenna has been growing so much lately- as babies often do! She is now almost 10 months, is crawling all around and getting into lots of trouble, and loves to eat, eat, eat- especially big people food! Here are just a couple of picture of Makenna just being her adorable self! She really is just the cutest and happiest baby you could ever meet!

She still has her little foot problem where her feet turn inwards. She hates wearing shoes but we are trying to keep them on her to try and straiten out her feet. She is not quite sure how she feels about these shoes!

Besides eating, bath time is Kenna's absolute favorite time of day! She could stay and play in the bath for hours. She loves to splash, play with her little duckies, and just giggles away with her big sis playing in the tub!

This video is a little dated, but I had to put it on here because it shoes Kenna as she first started to crawl. She was excellent at the "army crawl" for a long time. Now she is a pro at crawling and crawls all around the house faster than I can chase her. And she loves me to chase her! She knows where she is not supposed to crawl (aka the STAIRS). Whenever I turn my head she books it for the stairs. She does stop about half way there to make sure I am watching, gives me her very best mischievous smile and then books it again so that I will chase her and catch her just before she gets to the edge! Wears me out, but very cute! I will have to take another more updated video of her crawl.

Story time . . . so, the other day Dan had kind of mentioned that maybe he wanted to shave his head. I was tried to talk him out of it and he seemed to kind of give up on the idea. He went back and forth for a couple of days and then one day as we were driving home said, "Yeah, I don't think I will shave my head." I said, "Good!." We get home and I am working on getting the girls and all the stuff out of the car and wondering where Dan went and why he is not helping me. I get inside and am putting stuff away when I hear, "Yeah, final decision. I am definitely NOT shaving my head." I look up and Dan has shaved a strip right down the center or his head. Needless to say, I didn't have much of a choice then but to help him shave the rest. I am finally getting used to it and it is not quite as much of a shocker for me as it was at first. Oh yeah, my brother Andy decided to jump in on the new family shaving of the head trend. I don't think his wife Angie was too much more excited than I was! BOYS???!

Story continued . . . So the story gets worse. Not only did Dan decide to shave his head- he decided to stop shaving as well! This went on for a few weeks and then finally, thank goodness, he decided to shave. But, of course, in Dan style it couldn't be just any shave. We had to shave in stages. So here is the first stage which Dan decided to call his Craig look . . .

Next, we moved on to his Dan Flanders look . . .

And finally, back to the Dan we all know and love! Yea!!!!

Dan and Kaylee have a new little toy they have been playing with lately. Dan's friend Kenny let us borrow his little 4-wheeler for the summer! In back of our townhouse there is a big dirt field where people come and ride their motorcycles and 4 wheelers around. This has been so fun for Kaylee! Because the 4 wheeler is kid sized she has learned how to turn it on, start it, accelerate and brake, and steer all by herself. Dan still rides on the back with her of course, but she thinks she is quite the hot stuff! She is our little dare devil. She is not afraid to take off on those dirt jumps and go fast, fast, fast!

Makenna, on the other hand, not so sure about the whole 4 wheeler thing! She is definitely our more mellow child :-)