Thursday, September 30, 2010

Khloe Jacquelyn Kemp

Khloe Jacquelyn Kemp
September 16, 2010
7 lbs 7 oz
20.5 in

This was the first pregnancy that we induced labor. I was very nervous about this because my other two deliveries had been almost identical and i felt I knew what to expect if I went that way. However, you know I love my doctor and did not want to have my baby without him! He was leaving out of town on Friday the 17th so we decided to induce and hope everything went as smoothly as my other deliveries.

I was scheduled to be induced on the 16th but you do not find out if they will have room for you until that day. I had called the night before and they had told me I was second on the induction list. If there were too many natural births or medical inductions that came up I would be moved to the next day. This had happened days and days in a row with Makenna so I was a little nervous that we would get in on time.

At about 6:00 am we got the call! They were going to be able to start me and I needed to be to the hospital at 7:00am. We jumped up and I started to get ready. I was so nervous but excited that I was hopefully going to have our baby here that day. We drove to the hospital, checked in, got dressed in the beautiful hospital gown, and then waited in our room for someone to come tell us what would happen next. It seemed like hours as we waited for someone to come in. After about 15 minutes we started to hear screaming from next door. I have never heard someone in labor with no epidural. Supposedly the woman next door had not made it to the hospital in time for her epidural and she was NOT happy about it!!! That was like the worst thing to hear right before being started into labor yourself! I was already nervous but now I was REALLY nervous! I hoped I had not spend all my luck on my first two easy deliveries.

At about 8:00 the nurse finally came back in and started my IV. She told me she was going to start the PIT meds slowly and monitor how my progress was coming. Now my last two deliveries happened so fast everyone in my family was scared they were going to miss this one if they didn't hurry and get there! So by now my parents, sisters, grandparents, and aunt were all there ready to go! I felt a little bad as I sat there waiting that my labor was not going as fast as normal.

At about 9:00 they came in to give me the epidural. I was so nervous for this part because with my first two I was in so much pain I didn't even feel them! Now I was fully awake and aware that someone was going to stick a huge needle into my back! Honestly, though, it really was not that bad. I barely felt it and was so glad when it was in and over with.

At about 10:00 Dr. Irion came in and broke my water. I was getting very restless as my labor was starting VERY slowly. I was only dilated to about a 4-5. I was not used to this waiting around stuff!! With my water broken I knew it would now start quickly as my other two really kicked into gear with the breaking of the water. I was right. Soon after my contractions started coming faster and harder. The only problem was I could feel them even with the epidural. I was afraid it hadn't worked. The doc came back in and upped the dose a bit and soon I was in heaven. No feeling whatsoever!

Now, lucky me my labors go fast at the end. Within the hour I was dilated to a 10 and ready to go! The doc got all set up and we started to push. This was definitely the most pushing I have had to do in labor. My last two I probably pushed like twice and they were out. This little one was not by any means bad but 10 minutes was enough for me:-) This was also the first delivery that I remember feeling when the baby came out which was kind of neat. Khloe Jacquelyn was born at 12:49 pm. When little Khloe came out she was wide awake but quiet. I actually got a little nervous because she was so quiet! I got to hold her right away for a minute because they were waiting on the scale to get wheeled into the room. Usually they had taken the baby right over to the scale so it was really nice to have a few bonding minutes right away. She was amazingly strong as she stretched out her neck and lifter her head off my chest so she could see everyone. She was so cute as her big eyes looked around to meet her new family!

Soon Dan took her over to get her eye drops, shot, cleaned, and to be weighed. I was shocked when they told me she weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces! Later on they came back and said their scales were off and that she was more like 7 pounds 7 ounces when they weighed her. So, who knows exactly what she weighed. She looked little to me! We got to spend some time introducing her to my parents and sisters, my aunt Tami, my grandma and grandpa D, and of course to her new big sisters! Kaylee and Makenna were so excited as they came into the room. I think that they were shocked that there actually was a real baby inside of me! They both gave her little kisses and talked to her as she looked back with her big bright eyes. It was so fun to have all three of my little princesses finally together!

I feel so blessed to have little Khloe here. She is the sweetest most wonderful little baby. She sleeps well, she hardly ever cries, and just has the most calm and gentle little personality you have ever met. She decided she was not all that into breastfeeding and after about a week of leaving the hospital was totally on bottles. She is a good little eater though and just as cute as can be! She also takes the binkie which is a first in our family. It is great! She loves to cuddle up, she loves being held by her big sisters, and has brought such joy into our lives. We are so happy to have our family complete with the three cutest girls in the world!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kaylee the Kindergartener

Can you believe it? My little baby girl is off to Kindergarten!!! Time goes so fast and I am so proud of our new little Kindergartener. Kaylee has been counting down the days until she could go to Kindergarten and when the first day finally came she could hardly control her extreme excitement. As you can see she picked out her outfit and was so proud to be dressed to the nines for her classroom debut. Future model in the making? :-)

Little sis Makenna was feeling the excitement as well and I think thought that she was getting to go somewhere to. When Kaylee finally went into the school building and it was time to go home Makenna was VERY upset that she did not get to go to Kindergarten too! She loves her sister so much and wants to do EVERYTHING that Kaylee does. I love that my girls are best friends and love each other so much.

Here is Kaylee in front of her new school Silver Mesa Elementary. We enrolled Kaylee up in the school by my parents house as I knew how great this school is and the Kindergarten teacher here is the best! I am a little biased because this is also where I went to elementary school! My youngest sister is in 6th grade here this year and is so excited to have Kaylee to take under her wing and teach all the ins and outs of Elementary School!

Proud mom and sis! I did get a little teary eyed as Kaylee walked into the building. It may have just been the pregnancy though:-) I was really so excited to see her go to Kindergarten because I know how much she is going to love it and how long she has been waiting to go to the BIG kids school! I am so proud of my little girl!

Nana was also there for the occasion. Now she has had 4 kids and 1 grandchild attend Silver Mesa Elementary! And she thought she was going to be done after Janessa:-)

Sweet Mrs. Bailey- Kaylee's new Kindergarten teacher! We just love Mrs. Bailey! She has lived in my parents' ward and has been a good friend for many years. She has taught Kindergarten for a long time at Silver Mesa and Kaylee could not be in better hands. As you can see in the second picture all her past students are coming to give her big hugs- she is a very loved teacher. Kaylee went to meet with her a week before school began and already has added Mrs. Bailey to her nightly prayers!

All the cute Kindergarteners lined up ready for their big day! Kaylee was not sad at all to wave goodbye- she could not wait to get inside and get started!!!

Kaylee had a wonderful first and week at school. They went to the library, met new friends, looked for the lost gingerbread man, and worked on creating their own "Brown Bear" books. Her only disappointment was that she didn't have homework like Aunt Janessa in 6th grade! Oh I am sure that will soon come, but it is great that she loves to learn and is excited about all they are doing in Kindergarten. She can not wait to get up and go to school every day and I am just so proud of her and her excitement to learn and be the best Kindergartener she can be!