Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Easter!

We only arrived in Bend about a week before Easter so it was a bit of the rush for the Easter Bunny to get ready this year! He did make it, though, and as you can see left some fun little things for each of the girls Easter morning!

The girls were very excited to come down and find their Easter baskets packed full of some fun surprises!
Khloe got right into the swing of things getting all the candies she could reach into her basket. I thought she would be distracted and not really get it, but boy was I wrong! She was hustling as fast as she could to beat her sisters to all the treats!!!
Here are the girls all ready for church in their new Easter dresses. Thank you Grandma D for taking us dress shopping before we left Utah. They were definitely the cutest girls in town!
After church we headed over to Papa and Nana Kemps for a very fun outdoor Easter Egg Hunt! The girls had a blast finding all the eggs in the backyard. The Easter Bunny was a pretty tricky hider here- it took them a long time to find all of those eggs! Luckily they had Papa Kemp, Aunt Jaime, and daddy to help them out. The most exciting part of the day was when we got inside and started emptying out all the plastic eggs. For some reason a family of ants had decided to move in to Makenna's eggs. You would have thought someone was chopping her leg off by her hysterical screams as she opened up her eggs and saw the ants crawling around! It was one of those times we all had a good laugh after the fact:-) All in all it was a very fun Easter- what more could the girls ask for but to be visited by the Easter Bunny twice!