Monday, July 2, 2012

Spring Happenings 2012

Here are a few pics from various events that happened in the spring! Kaylee LOVES school and is quite the socialite in her class. She was very excited for spirit week this year. They had pajama day, crazy hair day, and 80's day. She thought the stars and glitter were the best part of her outfit. I loved the side pony tail which actually seems to be coming back in style for little girls!

This year for Valentines it was just the girls and me. Dan has been traveling back and forth to Oregon for works so he wasn't able to be here. He was sweet enough to send these beautiful flowers to let me know he was thinking of me:-)
A few days before Valentines the girls and I worked on their Valentines bags for school. They had a blast decorating them with lots of stickers and sparkles. They turned out really cute!
Makenna and Khloe- my two little Valentines <3
Since Dan has been out of town a lot we have spent a lot of time hanging out with Nana which has been lots of fun. We went out to the mall to do a bit of spring wardrobe shopping. Every time we go to the mall the girls beg to ride the merry-go-round and being the mean mom that I am I always say no! This trip they lucked out because Nana gave in and let them all take a ride! They were in heaven:-)
Khloe's hair has finally started to grow out a bit. Like her sisters, however, the back grows WAY faster than the front so it got to the point where her cute little curls in the back looked more like a mullet! I tried just pulling the back into a pony tail for a bit but it looked a little weird. So, I decided to take a leap and cut off her long curls in the back to even it out a bit. I was nervous as I chopped it off in the back, but she sat very still for me and I think it turned out pretty dang cute! As you can see her looking in the mirror she thought she was quite the hot stuff as well! The only problem was that I think from before the cut to after the cut she looks like she grew up a whole year! No longer a baby but turning into a big girl!