Monday, July 2, 2012

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we headed out to a large piece of property that is owned by a family in Bruce and Terri's ward. The have a fun little lake there as well as zip line across one of the sides of the lake. It was a bit of a cold day, but that didn't stop Dan and the girls from hopping into the paddle boat to take a trip around the lake. The girls- especially Khloe- thought this was super cool!

The best part of the day was the zip line. I knew Kaylee would be brave enough to give it a try but didn't think Makenna or Khloe would be so excited by it. It was a long or very high zipline, but it did go across the water. I think I was more nervous than anyone that the girls wouldn't be able to hold on and would fall into the water! They did awesome though and had tons of fun! Dan showed them a few times how it was done. As I said, though, it was not a super high zip line so being a bit bigger than the little girls he dipped into the water a few times going across!
Kaylee was the bravest and went for it right away!
Makenna watched by the sidelines for quite a while before giving it a try. At first she just zipped across the grass portion. Taylor and Kaitlin were there with their little girls as well and little Alyssa (who is about Makenna's age) was zipping across back and forth as many times as she could! I never thought Makenna would go across the water, but after watching Kaylee and Alyssa for a good 45 minutes or so she did it and loved it! I couldn't believe she was so brave- it was very cute!
Even Khloe gave it a try- only across the grass portion. She has quite the upper arm strength. She could hold onto that rope for like 10 minutes just hanging out!
Dan wanted me to go across, but that was not in my plans for the day! Seeing him dip into the water, and me being almost 7 months pregnant it was just not going to happen. I did give it a go across the grass- I was quite embarrassed I hung about as low as Dan did!